Business Innovation


heat-transfersNelson Wear thrives because we never stop innovating. We are constantly working to come up with new ways to improve our products and our methods. Our sleeves are the result of years of product testing and have been perfected over time. Nelson Wear chose to manufacture them in the USA because we didn’t want to sacrifice quality and it shows in every stitch. We’ve created one of the most durable and well constructed sleeves available. Nelson Wear sleeves provide sun protection, boss protection, reduce soreness, wick away sweat, stay in place and stay comfy no matter what the temperature.

We apply this same level of innovation to everything we do from responding to our customer’s needs to organizing our warehouse to our legendary staff bowling parties. We love to improve and have fun while we do it. Being flexible and adaptable is what’s kept us going and growing since 2008. We also listen to each other and our customers. Some of our best ideas have come from our customers and our warehouse team. They know what works and listening to them is the key to our continued success!